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Doodling vs Drawing: How Do they Differ & Which is Better?

Doodling vs Drawing: How do They Differ and Which is Better?
Maria used to draw in class. She would decorate the edges and covers of all her notebooks with whimsical patterns, cute characters and winding, twisting marks and shapes.

Every once in a while someone would ask her “what are you drawing?” and she would reply – “Oh these? They’re just doodles.”

Maria felt as though her doodles weren’t anything special, there was nothing important or skilled involved in their creation and she didn’t see how they applied to anything else.

But what Maria didn’t know is her doodles were the beginning of an art craze that swept the nation 10 years later called Zentangle.

Who’s tangled now?

Some people think doodling doesn’t have the serious implications drawing does. When we think of a drawing we think of a nicely shaded, accurate and realistic representation of something we can name.

But doodling doesn’t follow those rules. Zentangle and doodling are free form versions of drawing and often don’t have any sort of realistic-looking output.

Does this make doodling any less or make it not a serious creative activity?

They’re not “just” doodles

The effort put into creating a tangle (as zentangle pieces are called) is not to be taken lightly. Just because it may look and feel different than what we’re used to identifying as a drawing, doesn’t make it require any less effort or skill.

Let’s take a look at the main differences between drawing and doodling to see how they stack up against one another.

Tools or supplies needed

Drawing requires essentially only one tool – a pencil. In it’s basic form, drawing is attributed to pencil and graphite renderings. Other tools used may include erasers and torchons for blending. Drawing in pen or ink would require pens or dip ink as well as your basic pencil tools.

Paper used for drawing range from standard sketching paper to thicker bristol board but usually the smooth surface the better for pencil or pen.

Doodling is most often done strictly in pen and embraces the uncertainty and permanence. Zentangles and doodles are designed to build off mistakes and turn them into purposeful creations. Some creators will used coloured pens and inks but for the mostKeep Reading

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