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Being Creative When You Absolutely Can’t Stand Messes

Being Creative When you Absolutely Can't Stand Messes
My mother used to tell me cleanliness was next to godliness. I always thought “why would God care if my room was clean?”

As a young child the thought of cleaning my room was akin to rolling the rock of gibraltar up a hill (I think the fights I put up made my Mother think the same way.)

When I grew up I turned into a type-A neat freak (I don’t know how.) Studiously maintaining a clean and tidy home despite the best efforts of my kids and pets.

But aren’t creative people supposed to be messy?

Isn’t there supposed to be a paint-strewn corner of a room where piles of canvas and projects sit? Where supplies are waiting to be picked up by the frantically creating, constantly busy creative person?

That thought just gave me the heebie jeebies. The idea of creating in a mess is so inconsistent with my inner nature I wonder if I’m cut out to do this creative thing.

So can you still be creative if you abhor messes?

Messy pile of books

Can you be a clean creative?

If I don’t like to be messy or have things out of place – how can I partake in this whole creative flow thing? Should I just throw in the towel now and resign myself to my perfectionist ways?

Every person has to play to their strengths. Mine do not include the ability to paint while there are piles of supplies anywhere.

But nonetheless every day I am creative.

  • I paint
  • I draw
  • I cook

And I do many other creative things – so obviously you can be a clean freak and still be creative.

The key to being creative when you’re a neat individual is to play to your strengths and make sure you don’t get in your own way.

Clean or tidy

There’s a big difference between clean and tidy.  A few years ago I realized visual clutter was negatively affecting me and since then I’ve been more aware of tidyness.

When there are items or supplies strewn about the room, it looks cluttered and unclean. The moment you tidy up those items, putting them where they belong and reducing the visual clutter, the cleaner a room looksKeep Reading

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