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Start a Love Affair with Crochet. Terrific Resources + Patterns

Start a love affair with crochet resources and patterns
When I was pregnant with my oldest child I suddenly had the urge to make ALL the baby stuff. I had Pinterest-inspired visions of adorable hand knitted items my child would love and they’d pass down to their children and grandchildren and so forth.

Unfortunately it turned out I suck at knitting.

My stitches were too tight, I couldn’t figure out how to purl and it took me forever to do even one small piece of a baby blanket. I got super frustrated until my grandmother said “Gabby – why don’t you try crochet? It’s way easier!”

Always listen to your grandmother.

Crochet vs Knit Fabric

Crochet vs Knitting

The main difference between knitting and crochet is in crochet you use one hook instead of two needles. This frees up your other hand to hold your work and help you along.

In knitting you work one a row at a time, while in crochet you work one stitch at a time – this makes crochet much less volatile and harder to lose a bunch of work with one small mistake.

Otherwise, they’re quite similar in terms of terminology, what you create and how long any given project will take you to finish. For the majority of items you can easily find both a knitted and a crochet version.

Crochet projects have an unmistakable look to them and you can do many things with crochet you simply can’t do with knitting – making it much more versatile.

Crochet hooks

Crochet Supplies

Like knitting needles, crochet hooks come in a variety of shapes and sizes. From wood to plastic to metal, their materials vary. I personally don’t like wood hooks because I find they catch the yarn too much but I know others who prefer them.

I recommend picking up one or two at a time (rather than a big set) so you can make sure you like to feel of the material they’re made of and the shape of their handle. The most common sizes used in patterns tend to be size G – J so start there.

Crochet hooks come in many handle or grip shapes as well – from your standard straight to your ergonomic with gelKeep Reading

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When your creative activities don't make you feel better

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